Jayson Mintz

Mechatronics MS Embroidery & Sewing Machines, Cricut, 3D Printing, CAD, Soldering, Robotics

Tina Chen

Speculative Design, Game Design, UX/UI Design, Portfolio Review

Thomas Belinky

CNC Machining, CAM/CAD, Manufacturing, Fusion360, Engineering Design, 3D Printing

Michael Knox

Electrical and Computer hardware, electronic test equipment analog circuits, wireless and antennas, printed circuit boards (PCBs)

George Gonzalez

HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, C++, Unix, AWS, CAD, Soldering

Ben Bayor

Electrical Engineering CAD and BRD Design, Embedded Systems, Fusion 360, Advanced 3D Printers

Bhavitha Mandava

AutoCAD, Rhino 3D, Adobe Creative Suite

Thao Chi Vu

Graphic Design, Social Media & Content Strategy, Figma

Kajini Sandrakumar

Embroidery/sewing, Adobe Illustrator/laser cutters

Kimberly Parkman

Sewing, Patterning Making, Garment Construction & Design

Ujjwal Dehlan

CAD, Fusion360, Generative Design, Engineering Design, 3D Printing, Manufacturing

Cinerita Andrandes

CAD, 3D printing, 3D scanning, Manufacturing, engineering design

Joel Appiah

Embedded systems, Circuit design/prototyping, Robotics, Ladder logic/Structured Text, Soldering, 3d printing